A deep and thorough analysis for week 4.

Every week in our recap podcast episode we cover who we think will be standouts in fantasy. This is great but if you are a diehard fantasy football player or a DFS player, you are going to want a bit more insight. So this week we are introducing the Fantasy Deep Dive Series. In this series, I will cover my top rankings for every position, players to bench and much much more. Let’s get started.

Patrick Mahomes is My #1 Rank QB for Week 4

QB Top 10 Rankings

1 – Patrick Mahomes II vs Lions

Mahomes made quick work of the Ravens defense in Week 3 to the tune of 350+ yds and 3 tds. The Lions secondary is a little banged up and it looks like Darius Slay is set to miss the game which will leave them vulnerable. I expect Mahomes to have a big day for the Chiefs.

2 – Deshaun Watson vs Panthers

The Panthers have not looked like a good team this year. I expect Watson to have a great game connecting with Hopkins.

3 – Philip Rivers vs Dolphins

Keenan Allen went off big against the Texans and I expect Rivers to find him early and often against the worst defense in the league.

4 – Lamar Jackson vs Browns

I think the Browns have the defensive talent to prevent Lamar Jackson from throwing the ball for a big day. But as the Chiefs found out, if you slow down his passing game, you have to contain his running game. I expect Jackson to have a big day on the ground.

5 – Jared Goff vs Bucs

Goff didn’t look particularly great against the Browns on Sunday night football but I expect him to have a bounce back game against the Bucs defense.

6 – Russell Wilson vs Cardinals

Russell Wilson gets a favorable matchup against the same Cardinals defense that Kyle Allen destroyed last week. I have no reason to expect any less out of Wilson here.

7 – Aaron Rodgers vs Eagles

Against some of the better defenses in the NFL Rodgers has put up solid stats all season. He gets a better matchup this week against the struggling eagles in primetime on Thursday night. I expect big numbers.

8 – Dak Prescott vs Saints

I’m expecting a high scoring game between the Cowboys and Saints this week. This should mean a good game by the Cowboys QB.

9 – Matt Ryan vs Titans

Garnder Minshew carved up the Titans defense last Thursday and I expect the same out of Matt Ryan.

10 – Kyler Murray vs Seattle

The Seahawks defense struggled early against the Saints last week. Murray has been putting up yards every games. I think he finds the end zone a couple of times this week.

Notable QBs to stay away from.

Carson Wentz

The Packers have been playing some of the best defense in the NFL so far in this young season. It looks like Wentz will get Jeffrey back but I think the Packers pressure is going to get to Wentz early and often.

Tom Brady

It’s never wise to bet against Brady…..but I’m going to this week. He loses Edelman to injury. Antonio Brown is no longer with the team. The Bills have a sneaky good defense. I see this as a losable game for the Patriots.

Baker Mayfield

Mayfield shows flashes of brilliance at times but has looked really bad in a few games this year. He has been bailing too early on clean pockets and forcing throws to Odell Beckham instead of hitting the check downs. This and a tough matchup against a tough, hard hitting Ravens defense is enough to scare me away from him this year.

Christian McCaffrey is my #1 RB in fantasy this week

RB Top 10 Rankings

1 – Chrisitan McCaffey vs Texans

This guy touches the ball more than any other running back in the league. He can turn any pass into a 74yd TD in a blink of an eye. I expect him to be utilized heavily in this week’s matchup.

2 – Austin Ekeler vs Dolphins

Look, Ekeler gets the coveted matchup for any team this year against the Dolphins. He had a down week last week rushing for only 36 yds. I expect him to rebound big against the worst defense in the league.

3 – Ezekiel Elliot vs Saints

In a major NFC matchup on Sunday Night, I expect Zeke to steal the show. Look for the Cowboys offense in a high scoring matchup to go through Elliot.

4 – Alvin Kamara vs Cowboys

On the opposite side in this game, I expect the same out of Kamara. This offense minus Drew Brees will live and die with Kamara. I expect him to have a big day.

5 – Derrick Henry vs Atlanta

He is one of the only RBs in the league that is the sole focus of the offense. If they could, they would hand it to Henry every play and let him grind out a win.

6 – Dalvin Cook vs Bears

The production that Dalvin Cook has had this year has made the passing game irrelevant in Minnesota. Much like Henry, he will be the focal point of the offense in this tough NFC North matchup.

7 – Marlon Mack vs Raiders

The Colt’s offense is starting to roll and it’s no secret that Brissett plays better with an established run game. The struggling Raiders should be a good matchup for Mack this week.

8 – Kerryon Johnson vs Chiefs

Mark Ingram absolutely gashed the Chiefs defense with 100+ yds and 3 tds in week 3. The best way to beat the Chiefs is to keep the ball away from Mahomes. The Lions will have to live or die with the ground game and I expect Johnson to have a stellar game.

9 – James Conner vs Bengals

The favorable matchup vs a bad Bengals defense should let James Conner be the showcase in this Monday Night Football matchup.

10 – Todd Gurley vs Bucs

Todd Gurley is starting to get his groove back after starting the season on a slow note. I expect him to have a big game against the Bucs this week.

Notable RBs to stay away from

Chris Carson

I have liked Chris Carson all offseason and have plenty of shares of him on my fantasy teams. He has a fumbling problem that may let Rashad Penny steal more of his touches. He still has a chance to stay the #1 back in Seattle but he has to prove it to me first.

Phillip Lindsay

Lindsay had a great game against Green Bay and players everywhere starting buying stock in him in fantasy. I don’t think he’ll be a bad play but I don’t expect him to get 20+ carries again and the Jaguars have a solid run defense.

Keenan Allen is my #1 WR in fantasy this week

1 – Keenan Allen vs Miami

If you listened to our podcast this week, you know how we feel about the Dolphins defense. Allen went off last week against a stout Texans defense. I don’t see any reason for him not to repeat that performance this week.

2 – Davante Adams vs Eagles

The Eagles have been struggling this season and the Packers have been playing great defense. I think this will lead to the Packers offense having the ball more and Adams will be the benefactor there.

3 – Cooper Kupp vs Bucs

Coming off his offseason surgery, Kupp has been nothing but fantastic this season. He’s averaging 10 targets per game and has back to back 100+ yd games. I expect him to explode again this week.

4 – Julio Jones vs Titans

Even though the Falcons sit at 1-2, Julio Jones is still a must-play. Much like Kupp he is also averaging 10 targets per game and is coming off back to back 100+ yd weeks. He also has 4 tds on the season so far.

5 – Amari Cooper vs Saints

This should be a high scoring game and he has been a great target for Dak Prescott this year. I expect a great game from Cooper.

6 – DeAndre Hopkins vs Panthers

Hopkins has had a couple of down weeks in fantasy scoring an average of 5 fantasy points the last 2 weeks. I expect him to get back on track against the Panthers this week.

7 – DJ Chark vs Broncos

The Broncos defense has potential to be a tough matchup but Chark has had 4 catches and 1td in every game this season. His rapport with Gardner Minshew has made him a must-start for now.

8 – John Ross vs Steelers

Ross had a down week last week against Buffalo but comes into a great matchup against a Steelers defense that is ranked towards the bottom of the league this year. One of the biggest negatives to Ross is his fantasy numbers depend on the big play. Luckily for Ross owners, he should get those opportunities this week.

9 – Odell Beckham Jr vs Ravens

If you listened to the podcast this week, you’ll know that I’m not a fan of Baker Mayfield or Freddy Kitchens. That being said, I think Beckham scores 1 td this week and puts up a solid fantasy week.

10 – Mike Evans vs Rams

Coming off a monster day that saw Evans get 190 yds and 3 tds, I expect him to have another solid game. While I don’t expect he repeats that monster performance I can see him going for 80 yds and 1 td.

Notable WRs to stay away from

Sammy Watkins/Demarcus Robinson/Mecole Hardman

As a Chiefs fan, I hate putting these guys here, but it’s hard to tell which one of the 3 will be the one to go off this week. Week 1 was Watkins, Week 2 was Robinson and Week 3 was split between Robinson and Hardman. I think these guys are flex plays at best until one proves they can do it consistently.

Brandin Cooks vs Bucs

Cooks is having a boom or bust type of season. With Cooper Kupp getting so many targets, Cooks is really dependent on the deep ball. I still think Cooks is a good start but maybe as a WR3 or flex this week.

Michael Thomas vs Cowboys

Michael Thomas is a great WR, but the Cowboys defense is stacked this year and with the absence of Brees, I would be cautious starting Thomas.

Travis Kelce is my #1 TE in fantasy projections this week.

1 – Travis Kelce vs Lions

Travis Kelce is for all intents and purposes a WR in this high flying Chiefs offense. Look for Mahomes to target Kelce early and often in this high scoring offense.

2 – Evan Engram vs Redskins

With Saquon Barkley out this week, I look for Daniel Jones to look Engram’s way often as a kind of security blanket.

3 – Mark Andrews vs Browns

Through the first 2 weeks of the season, Mark Andrews was the #1 TE in the league. The Chiefs found a way to slow him down but I expect Lamar Jackson to find him a lot this week.

4 – Darren Waller vs Colts

Waller has quietly been one of the top targets for Derek Carr and this Raider offense this season. He’s coming off a week that saw him grab 13 passes for 134 yds. Look for him to have a good day.

5 – Delanie Walker vs Falcons

I expect this game to be a high scoring one and Walker is simply the best pass-catcher on the Titans team.

6 – Greg Olson vs Texans

Everybody kind of wrote Olson off this year but hes having a solid season this far. Kyle Allen found him often this last week and I expect that trend to continue.

7 – Will Dissly vs Cardinals

Will Dissly has been good for 5 catches, 50 yds and a td in back to back weeks. I like his matchup against the bad Cardinals defense.

8 – Austin Hooper vs Titans

Hooper is coming off a big 2 td game last week and will look to build on that momentum against a struggling Titans team.

9 – Eric Ebron vs Raiders

Ebron has had a slow start to the season but I expect him to find the endzone this week against the Raiders.

10 – Zach Ertz vs Packers

I don’t like his matchup this week against the Packers but the TE group is a little weak this week.

Notable TEs to stay away from

OJ Howard

I don’t know what is going on with Howard this season. He was projected as a top tier TE before the season but he hasn’t been good this year.

TJ Hockensen

The Lions have a tough matchup against a Chiefs team that slowed down Mark Andrews last week. Combine that with the lackluster performance Hockensen has had so far this season and I’m keeping him on the bench.

Jared Cook

Jared Cook has been quiet this season so far and now he doesn’t have Drew Brees throwing to him.

Let me know what you guys think about the rankings this week in the comments below. Check back next week for the Week 4 fantasy deep dive.

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